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Design Your Own Furniture

At Designed Furniture we are passionate about making unique furniture, and what could be more unique than something YOU have designed yourself?

Design your Own Furniture

If you could design your own furniture what would it be?

To design your own furniture provide us with a sketch or plan, and we can bring it to life, providing you with one of the rarest pieces of furniture in the world, built by one of the best craftsmen in Australia. Imagine a world where everything fits perfectly… Your television cabinet the perfect length for the wall it sits against, and your coffee table the perfect height for blending with the rest of your living room. Your furniture all the same colour, and made from the same wood, which you have chosen to suit the mood of your home.

So get out your pencil and paper, and start drawing. When you are ready call Gerry at Designed Furniture on (02) 4472 4208 to have him craft the design in to a finished product.

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